Integrated Energy Therapy for Pets

horse with foal

Integrated Energy Therapy for pets focuses on cats, dogs, and horses. It involves working with the animal’s cellular memory and energy field, releasing blockages and unwanted energies such as guilt, threat or fear, and filling the resulting space with desirable energies such as innocence, support and safety. When offering intermediate level IET treatments, the practitioner can feel and tell the animal’s person which areas were blocked and released. In-person sessions are “hands on” and absentee (distant) sessions are also available.

The duration of an IET treatment for an animal varies with the size of the animal. A Basic IET session for a cat or small dog is usually about 15 minutes long, for a large dog is usually about 30 minutes, and for a horse is about an hour. The treatment time for other animals is determined based on their size or mass, relative to cats, dogs and horses. Sessions for pets with severe energy blockages will be longer and may include Intermediate level techniques. Pets do not need Advanced level techniques because they are more connected with their soul’s mission than humans are.

Since animals are so connected to their people and may take on their people’s issues, an IET session for an animal usually includes a five-to-ten minute treatment for the animal’s person.

In-Person IET Treatments at the Animal’s Home

IET is offered hands-on to animals. Since animals are very sensitive to energy, it is possible that an animal may not want an entire treatment in one sitting, in which case the treatment can be either continued on another day or finished absentee, which is more gentle, as determined by the practitioner and the animal’s person.

Absentee IET for Pets

Absentee IET sessions are available for animal clients anywhere in the world, and are especially helpful for animals who would not accept hands-on treatment, such as aggressive animals, feral cats, or wild animals. IET energy in an absentee treatment is received when the animal wants to receive it. The animal may choose to receive it when it is given, or at any time after that, whether it may be a day later or five years later. The practitioner can feel and tell the animal’s person about which areas of the animal are blocked with distant treatments just the same as with in-person treatments.