Reiki Level One and Basic Animal Reiki Training (Fall)


The price per student is $280. A place in the class may be reserved with a $70 deposit. The remainder is payable in cash on the first day of class. 25% of proceeds from this class will be donated to Feline Friends Network.

Dates: October 7 and 14, 2017
Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Monkton, Ontario
Prerequisites: None

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Product Description

Description: This class is for people who love animals, who want to deepen their relationships with animals and learn practical ways to heal the animals in their lives. The class focuses on Reiki for animals, which involves meditation with animals from a short distance away, and inviting the animals into the healing space. Reiki for animals is only hands-on if the animal requests it by placing his or her body in the practitioner’s hands. Animal Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive practice in which the animals control the amount of healing energy they receive. It relieves stress and promotes healing for pets, shelter animals, farm animals, feral cats and wild animals. For healthy animals, Reiki helps maintain their health, enhances relaxation and provides emotional peace. For ill animals, Reiki complements all veterinary and holistic treatments, can speed up recovery with less pain, and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. For dying animals, Reiki provides relief from pain and anxiety, easing the transition for the animal and the animal’s people.

The class also teaches Reiki Level One for people, including techniques for self-treatment, and hand positions for hands-on treatment of people. This class is suitable for beginners, and for practitioners of all levels of Reiki for humans. The traditional Japanese techniques taught in this class are different than Western Reiki techniques usually taught in North America. The Japanese name for Reiki Level One is Shoden.

Location: The class will take place at Michelle’s rural home near Monkton, Ontario, where students will work with each other and with cats, or if they wish, with chickens or fish. Homework will be assigned during the week between the two classes, for students to practice Reiki with their own animals. Both days involve working with animals, and include time for practice, discussion and feedback.

Class Length: 2 days (approx. 15 hours). This class is taught in two days, with a week between classes to absorb new learning and provide an opportunity for at-home practice followed by discussion and feedback.

Class Materials: Students will receive a 126-page class manual, as well as a certificate of completion. This class teaches the method and uses the class manual of Kathleen Prasad at Animal Reiki Source.

Resitting: Students who have previously taken this class with the same teacher may resit the class as a refresher for a reduced fee.

We will donate 25% of proceeds of this class to Feline Friends Network.

Photos from past Shoden classes

Holly-HopeOffering Reiki to cats chickensChickens come near to participate tableHuman table treatment, summer
students2Human table treatment, winter Monica-Hope2What’s in your hand? Monica-HopeHope consents to hands-on
handsonbackHuman chair treatment earsHuman chair treatment catonbookAnastasia uses manual as bed

More photos from past classes


Animal Reiki Practitioners who took this class say …

“Michelle is a knowledgeable, respectful and fun instructor. The Level One course conducted over two full days introduced us to Reiki, gave us ample opportunity to practice on her cats and on each other, and clear instruction to practice at home. I feel well qualified and inspired to keep on practicing, and offering Reiki to others (people and animals), to grow in my ability and knowledge and will continue with Michelle for Level Two certification.” – Maureen Argon, Stratford, Ontario

“I took the Animal Reiki class offered by Michelle Kyle. It was my first experience with Reiki on either animals or people. I found Michelle to be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. I enjoyed the 2 day class experience. I would recommend this course for anyone who would like to learn about Reiki with animals.” – Holly R., St. Marys, Ontario

“Michelle is an engaging, warm and enthusiastic teacher. She has a vast amount of knowledge in the different types of Reiki and was eager to share her insights and opinions with us. I signed up for the class to help support my sick cat, Kiwi. Little did I understand how much Reiki would also help me as Kiwi transitioned to her next journey. I would highly recommend the class and have already signed up for Level 2 Reiki with Michelle. Kindest regards.” – Hilary Purvis, New Hamburg, Ontario

“Thank you to Michelle Kyle at Purr Healing for an amazing two days. The Shoden Level 1 class was enlightening, energizing, and healing. I am looking forward to continuing my daily practice, and to Level 2 in June.” – Joanne Nimigan, Paris, Ontario

“Thank you for a wonderful class. I found you to be quite professional, knowledgeable and passionate about Animal Reiki, and I look forward to learning level 2 with you.” – Rosanne, Brussels, Ontario

“Michelle provides an engaging, fun and relaxing learning environment. She is flexible and adjusts her teaching to the level of the student. I thoroughly enjoyed how she organized her time equally between instruction and practicing Reiki. I left the workshop feeling confident, encouraged and peaceful. Thank You so much Michelle!” – Virginia Bowman, Listowel, Ontario

“I signed up for an animal reiki class, because I wanted to learn the skills to help heal emotionally distressed animals. Ever since I was young, suffering animals have had a deep impact on my life. I could always connect to the ones that seemed to have a real story to tell. I would connect with them through silence and stillness, through my mind and through my heart. I never heard of reiki until I stumbled upon Michelle’s stand at the Listowel Holistic Fair. From hearing her speak a little bit about it, I knew it was for me. In the Shoden Level 1 class, one of the first things I learned is that reiki is as much about healing ones own self as others. I realized that by focusing on the healing of others, I was trying to fix my own brokenness. But when I’m with an animal, they heal me in a way that only they can, so who’s giving who the reiki? Michelle provided a positive and peaceful environment to learn and practice reiki in. She taught me that reiki is all around, you just need to open yourself up to it. The most valuable thing I learned was the five precepts: Just for today… Do not anger. Do not worry. Be humble. Be honest in your work. Be compassionate to yourself and others.” – Patrick Martin, Wellesley, Ontario

Feline teachers for this class

Animal Reiki is about being and emanating love and compassion to create a beautiful healing space that supports animals in healing themselves. Our state of being determines our success with the animals. Animals know more about energy than humans do, and they let us know when we are getting it right! The cats pictured here co-teach this class.