Animal Reiki 3


The price per student is $800. A place in the class may be reserved with a $200 deposit. The remainder is payable in cash on the first day of class. 25% of proceeds from this class will be donated to Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dates: TBA 2020
Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Princeton and Barrie, Ontario
Prerequisites: Level 2 Animal Reiki with Michelle Kyle, or see details.

To register for this class, either (1) contact us about paying the deposit of $200 by eTransfer or cheque and registering via email, or (2) Add to cart, $207 to cover the PayPal fee.


Reiki Level Three and Animal Reiki Teacher Training

Prerequisite: Level 2 Animal Reiki as a student of Michelle Kyle. If you have completed level 2 or 3 reiki with another teacher, it may be possible for you to take this class after taking an online on in-person preparatory class; enquire for more information.

This class is for Level Two Reiki Practitioners who would like to teach Animal Reiki, and Level Three Practitioners and Teachers who would like to deepen their knowledge and/or add Animal Reiki to their curriculum. Becoming a Shinpiden Level Practitioner is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your personal healing journey with animals.

The class focuses on Reiki for animals, which involves meditation with animals and inviting the animals into the healing space. Reiki for animals is only hands-on if the animal requests it by placing his or her body in the practitioner’s hands. Animal Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive practice in which the animals control how much healing energy they receive. It relieves stress and promotes healing for pets, shelter animals, farm animals, feral cats, and wild animals, as well as humans and plants. For healthy animals, Reiki helps maintain their health, enhances relaxation, and provides emotional peace. For ill animals, Reiki complements all veterinary and holistic treatments, can speed up recovery with less pain, and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. For dying animals, Reiki provides relief from pain and anxiety, easing the transition for the animal and the animal’s people.

This class is unique in its emphasis on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques integrated into Animal Reiki practice. Being able to connect energetically with the exotic wild animals of Bear Creek makes this class truly a transformative experience!

This class includes:
• Discussion and practice in the traditional Japanese techniques for animals in Levels I, II and III
• Learning the 4th Symbol and Mantra (as well as review of the first 3 Symbols and Mantras)
• The Reiki Master Initiation/Reiju
• Instruction and Practice in how to perform Initiations and Reiju
• How to share Reiki for best success with animals
• Discussion of the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics and its importance as a Reiki Teacher
• Instruction on creating successful lesson plans for your students
• Permission to use Animal Reiki Source manuals and certificates for your students
• Animal Reiki Source Certificate of Completion

Locations: This class will take place at two locations. Day One will be at Michelle’s rural home near Princeton, N0J 1V0, where students will work with cats and chickens. Days Two and Three will be at the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, near Barrie, L4M 4S4, where students will have the opportunity to work with many amazing animals! Animals who live there include lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars, jaglions, lynx, servals, wolves, coyotes, foxes, bears, birds, spider monkeys, lemurs, vervets, raccoons, a kinkajou, a wallaby, a cavy, a sloth, a deer, and more!

Class Length: 3 days (approx. 23 hours).

Class Materials: Students will receive a class manual and a Shinpiden (level three, teacher) animal reiki certificate. Traditional Japanese reiki does not use the term “reiki master,” and Shinpiden is the highest level of certification, equivalent to a Western reiki master.

Waiver: Participants must sign a waiver at Bear Creek agreeing to abide by the sanctuary’s rules. The rules are in place for the safety and well-being of the animals, as well as human guests. Any student who violates a rule will be expelled from the class, will not receive a certificate or a refund, and may incur greater penalties depending on the severity of the infringement. Respect is essential.

Teacher Michelle Kyle received Level 3 teacher training from Kathleen Prasad at The CARE Foundation in Florida in 2014, and received Level 3 teacher training from Frans Stiene in 2017 and again in 2019.

We will donate 25% of proceeds from this class to the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary.


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